Alabama loses $700 million per year in casino gaming and lottery tax revenue to MS, TN, GA, and FL.

Tell your legislator: pass a casino bill during the 2023 regular session.

If you take a few moments to contact your legislators, you will help get a constitutional amendment on the general election ballot and bring casino gaming and lottery tax revenue to Alabama. By passing a constitutional amendment, Alabama would generate $700 million per year in tax funds that would otherwise go to neighboring states.

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This increase in tax revenue would create a wealth of new opportunities for Alabamians, including:


Internet Expansion







Additional Funds

for Counties and Municipalities

Business Opportunities

for Minority and Women-Owned Enterprises


New Jobs

The people should be empowered to decide whether Alabama should consolidate, regulate, and tax casino gaming, sports betting, and a state lottery.

We’ve sat by for more than 20 years while the legislature has failed to take advantage of a casino gaming and lottery economic development opportunity that would create good high-paying jobs and bring additional tax revenue to our state.

If Mississippi, Tennessee, Georgia and Florida are able to enjoy casino gambling and lottery play in their states, we believe Alabamians should be afforded the opportunity to enjoy this form of entertainment in our state.

Help persuade the legislature to pass a casino bill during the 2022 regular session. This would put the vote on a casino gaming and lottery constitutional amendment in the hands of the people of the state of Alabama, where it belongs.