Opinion: A Majority of Voters want Gambling, Lottery. There’s little opposition.

09.02.21 – In this opinion piece, Josh Moon of the Alabama Political Reporter provides perspective on the state of the comprehensive gaming and lottery plan. The essence of the opinion column is captured in the following quote: “We’re talking potentially around $1 billion annually to pay for college scholarships, broadband internet expansion, rural health care expansion and money for K-12 classrooms. The inability to get this done is, quite honestly, mind boggling.”

3 thoughts on “Opinion: A Majority of Voters want Gambling, Lottery. There’s little opposition.

  1. Proceeds should go to general fund unencumbered. College, broadband, Healthcare, etc. do not excite most people. Too political. Separate lottery and gaming.

  2. Unless the legislature marks all of the proceeds up front, I will never support gambling in the State. Maybe leave the very last 10% of the funds open, but a blank check for the legislative branch….NO….I’ve lived here all my life, and know we cannot allow something like that!!

  3. 🔥💥Are you frustrated that the Legislators you voted for and sent to the Alabama Capitol won’t let YOU VOTE on expanding gaming 🎰in our state?? Mississippi has new roads and infrastructure because of gaming 🎰!!
    All Alabama got was a new gas ⛽ tax we didn’t get to vote on either!!
    🔥The Legislature is in session right now to vote to make us pay for new prisons or the Federal Government will make us pay for it 🔥 Call your Legislators NOW & tell them what you think about YOUR RIGHT TO VOTE ON LEGISLATION!!
    Alabama Senate Office
    👉334-261-0800👈 Alabama House of Representatives
    Ask for your local Senator or house members office & leave a message letting them know if you’re smart enough to vote for them you should be allowed to vote on legislation that affects the taxes you have to pay the State!

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